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We are a thirty year old developer specializing in creating and constructing residential apartment complexes in and around Chennai. Over the years, we have had the privilege of developing over 4 lakh sq. ft. of residential property and delivering homes on time to our satisfied and valued customers. We have also successfully developed a few commercial properties in the heart of Chennai.

AKS Housing draws from our varied experience in residential construction, having developed villas, row houses, luxury apartments, semi luxury apartments. Our project sizes have ranged from a few grounds to several acres and each one has been planned and built with the utmost care and consideration, to offer maximum value and quality to the homebuyer.

Besides construction, our group of companies has interests in the field of Timber - wholesale and retail and Outdoor advertising.

AKS Housing was founded by the Late Mr. A. K. Seshadri, a hands-on, hardworking , honest person with a vision to construct great quality buildings at affordable prices. It has been headed for the past 20 years by his son, Mr. Anand Seshadri, Chairman and Managing Director, AKS Housing, who carries forward his father’s vision and values, with a keen eye on today’s evolving real estate market and customer needs, striving to deliver well designed innovative homes, to enhance customer value and satisfaction. Mr. Anand Seshadri is well supported by our dedicated and experienced team of employees in this endeavour.

We at AKS Housing strive to build great quality homes at affordable costs in order to provide maximum value to our customers. Quality and affordability are our key drivers. Customer value and satisfaction are outcomes. 

We place great importance on understanding both market reality and customer requirements. We plan our buildings to suit your needs. We offer the amenities you require for comfortable living and help you conserve on your maintenance costs. 

We know and strive to understand every customer who has walked through our doors. Every customer matters..

Our Philosophy

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